Thursday, December 10, 2015

BMG: Inmate EO476 from Hugo Strange box / Batman Miniature Game

I just painted my first KM miniature model from Hugo Strange box (Batman Miniature Game) - Inmate EO476

EO476 got Defense 3 (4 if boosted by Hugo). I play him in Organized Crime gang so he can get Kevlar Vest (Reduces the Damage Markers whenever you receive damage by 1) & is Hardened (The first Blood Damage Marker this character receives each Round becomes a Stun Damage Marker instead). It means he is pretty tough to kill. 
In offense he gots 3 attacks (4 if boosted by Hugo). You can also add few additional AC if he gets Kill them! from Loeb & Arkham Asylum from Hugo & Bipolar. He use Handy/Heavy Maul and got possibility for Devastating Blow. Not bad for 34 pts :-)

Anyway I really like this model. Hope you enjoy it also :-)

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